Advantage of Sentia’s in-house design team

11 Dec 2018, by Vivian Ong

In-House Design Team

Many options exist to work with design teams on development projects. At Sentia we think the best way is to use our cohesive dev-design team. Being a solid combined team with established relationships and years of experience on many projects, our team works together to seamlessly integrate your build's needs.

We opt for such a model because a project progresses and evolves from project kick off. Design and development go hand in hand and need to move together every step of the way. Design is never “done.” It’s continually tested and iterated upon, and it needs to be consistent across your site. It ensures Quality Control at every step to deliver quality design.

Having an in-house design team that knows your brand and works seamlessly with dev team is the best way to go. Other design-dev team arrangements tend to create bottlenecks and additional frustrations.

One main advantage of this kind of design-dev team means that the project is easier for the client to manage as there are numerous efficiencies. This includes:

  • quick turn around when necessary
  • allow more accurate deadlines/timelines
  • flexibility of availability for discussion
  • higher bandwidth for communication with engineers


There is also added convenience simply because there is no middle man and no risk of any elements being lost in translation.
Further conveniences include:

  • support to dev team during development
  • prevents misinterpretation of design which can hurt timeline and budget
  • post production support whenever required by clients


Taking the next step

If you're looking to build your next project, talk to Sentia. We are an organisation that respects your vision and will have you in good hands now and into the long term. If you’d like an initial chat to better understand how we can help you, get in touch with us via our contact form.

Image Source: @halgatewood from Unsplash

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