Custom web application
Custom web application

Best practice end-to-end web development

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

End-to-end mobile app development that’s equipped to evolve

Responsive web design
Responsive web design

Incorporating multiple platforms into a simple design solution

UI Design
UI Design

UI Design at its Finest

API development and integration
API development and integration

Trusted and seamless third party integration to suit your needs

IT Consulting
IT Consulting

Advice that results in cost cutting, improved efficiency and productivity

Database design
Database design

Database development designed to improve efficiencies and reduce costs

Web Development
Web Development

Web Development

Project rescue
Project rescue

Repurposing existing code for scale and to overcome limitations

UX Design

UX Design Creates Innovative User Experiences

iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development Sydney

Ruby on Rails Development

Cutting edge development using Ruby on Rails

iPad App Development

Award Winning iPad App Development

Android App Development

Cutting Edge Android App Development

iOS App Development

iOS Development Sydney

Agile Web Development With Rails

Rails swept to world-wide attention in 2005

Web Design

award winning web design

Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Custom Application Development

Get a custom built web application

Software Development

Our focus is on delivering quality software to our clients


E-Commerce web applications

Microsoft .Net

The .NET Framework is Microsoft's platform for building applications

Test Driven Development

We develop tests and features at the same time

Our Process

Working in short, adaptive development cycles to give a project every chance of success

Agile development is all about encompassing an approach that’s collaborative, flexible and adaptive. From a technology perspective the world changes regularly and software teams no longer have years to bring new products to market. In short spaces of time competitor offerings or customer expectations can change, and a project risks irrelevance. Agile minimizes this risk by helping teams to collaborate together more and encouraging more frequent feedback loops so that they can adapt to change quickly.

We use the most appropriate method of agile development to suit your project needs.

An agile methodology which focuses on customer satisfaction and high quality deliverables

Extreme programming (XP) is an agile methodology that places the most emphasis on customer satisfaction. The framework aims to produce higher quality software and higher quality of life for the development team. This means building the software components you need as you need it.

At Sentia, we find this process valuable as it empowers our developers to confidently respond to changing customer requirements, even late in the life cycle and helping to keep costs down. The collaborative approach, where client, managers and development team are all equal, allows for every hand on deck to self-organise around the problem to solve it as efficiently as possible.

The reason we like XP is that it is well aligned to our own Sentia work practices- communication, simplicity, feedback, respect, and courage. Further, XP is based on sound values and principles which sets expectations on productivity between the team. Within this framework productive teamwork is consistent even if goals are changed to suit project needs.

Intelligent platform testing to facilitate rapid feedback, quality code and fast development

Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development technique that uses short development iterations based on pre-written test cases that define desired improvements or new functions. Each iteration produces code necessary to pass that iteration's tests.

In testing the developer refactors the code to accommodate changes. A key Test-driven development (TDD) concept is that preparing tests before coding facilitates rapid feedback changes.

Sentia believes that Test-driven development is a key component to delivering high quality software will minimal issues. It reduces the Cost of Change for an application and facilitates quality of code and development speed.

Driven by amazing technology
  • Tech rails@2x
  • Tech react@2x
  • Tech postgres@2x
  • Tech kotlin@2x
  • Tech swift@2x

Additionally, we build software using: Redux, Redis, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Stripe, Paypal, Assembly Payments, Braintree, Anchor, AWS, Heroku.

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