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Transforming concepts into reality with innovative solutions for startups and businesses

  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • Mobile Development Strategy
  • UI UX Design

From the concept phase, through development and beyond, Sentia covers the entire spectrum of mobile app development using the following platforms, services, and solutions.

  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • Mobile Development Strategy
  • UI UX Design


Mobile apps enable businesses to engage customers and prospects at any moment. They help a company build their brand, gain trust from users, and move the business to the forefront of their industry. Apps provide a method of interaction with your company in a day where people prefer to interact with technology.


Many companies, especially in the service and retail industries, have a mobile application to complement their websites. These services ensure companies are at the cutting edge of their industry, delivering customer service and adding value to their business. As a mobile app development company in Sydney, Sentia provides these services to help businesses grow and meet their business goals.


The Sentia Way


Our development team works seamlessly with our creative team and you, our customer, to build a mobile application with the most up-to-date technology. We focus on the user experience and interface, as well as the backend solutions that support the user experience.

All applications we develop are native applications, and are designed following industry best practices and guidelines. We update our processes and knowledge base, so we can keep you at the cutting edge of technology, and at the top of your industry.

We have created mobile apps for customers in a wide range of industries, working with companies who have a variety of different expectations for their applications. Some of these include utility apps, productivity apps, and navigation apps. We’ve tackled apps in the entertainment, sports and fitness, and retail industries. The sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, we can develop it!

Let’s build your Mobile App!


Why a Native App?


We specialise in creating native apps because this places you and the app in the best position to take advantage of new features offered by both iOS and Android. What this means is that every app we develop is specific to the platform which will eventually house the application. This gives your users the best experience across each mobile platform, and shows your company in the best light.

Mobile applications are smaller in scope than websites, so we are able to customise your application to both Apple and Android with ease. Your application can be the pathway to your existing system, as is the case of the Airtasker iPhone and Android Mobile Application which the Sentia team developed.


The Sentia Development Process


If you need a mobile application for either your existing business or your next big idea, get in touch and we will guide you through our process from start to finish, bringing to light your next project. This step by step process will bring your mobile app to life.

  • Strategy Session. This session helps focus your mobile app vision. It gives you a clear idea of what your app will contain and how it will be used. During the session, we look at things like who will use the app, what is the competition doing, and the objectives and goals for the application.
  • Analysis. We now define the requirements of the app, look at a project roadmap, and prioritise the requirements for delivery. At this point, we will determine the skill sets needed from our team to make your project come to life.
  • User Interface Design. This is the part of the application that your users will experience when they login to your app. We will come up with a polished design that is intuitive and interactive, drawing your customer or prospect into the experience.
  • Architecture and Workflow design. This part of the process will determine what data we display to the users, what is collected, and how the data flows through the app. We’ll do wireframes, a style guide, and mockups for your app, so you can see the details before we build out anything.
  • App Development. We finally start building that application, now that all the pre-work is finished. From building user interfaces to back end technology, we will put together all the pieces we’ve discussed.
  • Testing. One of the most important elements of building your application is testing. Before your apps goes live for customers and prospects, we need to be sure its stable and fully functional, and that the quality is what you expect. We also ensure that we have built out all your requirements.
  • Deployment. Finally, we are ready to deploy your app. We can launch your application on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This process can take a few days, especially for Apple, which applies rigorous reviews to all apps before releasing them to the store. All app development companies must go through this same process when submitting apps to the stores.


Sentia Mobile App Services


As a mobile application development company, Sentia specialises in creating custom, native apps that focus on the user experience. We have what it takes to build the application that your business and your customers demand. Whether you are looking to engage your customers, build your brand, streamline your operations, or increase your sales, the Sentia mobile app developers can help you conceptualise and develop your mobile solution. Our complete mobile application development services include:

  • Consultations. Our expert team will work with you to determine your mobile app requirements. We will then create a project plan with the mobile app dev process outlined, a timeline that we will stick to, and the app development costs.
  • Agile Software Development. We understand that life happens. While we try to stick as closely as possible to the initial project scope, we know that life can throw a curve to your business and you must react. By using an agile method for app development, we can handle these changes and make necessary alterations to the mobile app during the development process.
  • An experienced development team. Each member of your development team has industry expertise and knowledge specific to building mobile applications. We will put together a team for your specific project of dedicated specialists with the knowledge needed to exceed your expectations.
  • Transparency. The mobile app is your app, and you deserve to know what is happening with your project. Our team will keep you in the loop every step of the process. Our team is always reachable by phone or email. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


At Sentia, we only believe in releasing quality applications that will enhance your business and help build your brand. Every app we build is:


  • Scalable for increased traffic
  • Secure so your users trust you and your app
  • User-friendly for your customers
  • Custom built to your specifications


Sentia’s mobile application development team will help you redefine your industry standards for the mobile experience. Talk to us today to find out exactly how we can help you launch your app and pave the way for a successful mobile strategy.


Contact us today about your mobile app!

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