Project Rescue: Software Development Review

We carefully assess and review code, identify weaknesses and repurpose to handle growth into the long term.

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What Is Project Rescue?

Software or website project gone wrong? Your software developer suddenly not available anymore? We can rescue you and get your project back on track.

We’ve all learned the hard way that things don’t always work out the way we want them to. Sometimes your initial or previous development team doesn’t understand the concept behind what you’re trying to do. Or they can’t work within your deadlines. Sometimes they don’t understand exactly what functionality you’re looking for.

When this happens your entire project can encounter scalability issues and serious limitations. These types of situations happen more often than you might think, and they leave a bad taste in the mouth as you try to pick up the pieces. Hopefully, you’re wise enough to recognise when you have done as much as you can and it is time to ask for help in your everyday life.

And when it comes to something as complex, and often confusing, as coding an application or a website, getting outside help is essential. The Sentia team has worked with many clients who have faced similar issues with their projects. So we know how to regroup, recover the project and deliver a final product that satisfies our clients’ requirements.

There are all sorts of reasons why a software project can go wrong. Sometimes the technology a development team chose to use is unable to achieve the objectives they are aiming for. This realisation can come in many forms. Perhaps the overall coding is of poor quality, or there are serious problems with scaling the project moving forward.

The reason a software project goes wrong can be entirely human. You might feel you’re not being heard or listened to, or you might be finding it difficult to get the information you need. Perhaps there has been a contract-related fallout and you can’t reach an agreement with the vendor in question. Or you could find that your software developer has taken on your project with little or no experience in the kind of app you’re looking for.

So your project suffers as key contributors try to learn as they go, making all the mistakes associated with not really knowing what their doing and experiencing all sorts of delays along the way.

Our analysis, evaluation, re-estimation and project management processes are all designed to make sure we can rescue your project, while also being completely transparent and ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.

The complementary tier of Project Rescue is Code Review. Here we use our capacity to assess existing code and take what we can to repurpose and upscale your build for improved functionality and usability.

Our Code Review Checklist

General Overview

This involves gathering general information about the project, such as what you were trying to achieve, what technologies and frameworks were used, how many lines of code there are, the main features that need to be reviewed and general stats on what issues we discover.

Architecture Review

This is where we review the building blocks that make up your application. How the core is constructed, what modules have been included, and whether the appropriate architecture principles and patterns have been used. In short, we make sure that your architecture follows Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) or SOLID principles.

UI Review

This is where we evaluate the code behind your user interface. For mobile applications, we ensure that your solution has been built according to the style guidelines for that specific platform. This is an important factor, as not following style guidelines can cause problems when you finally release your app to a specific store.

Tests Review

This is the analysis of all the tests we run on your app such as what conditions cause it to fail, whether it is easy to read, how fast it executes tasks and more.

Code Quality Review

This is the overall report on the quality of your code. It lists all the issues we’ve discovered in each step of our review, along with a detailed description. The report divides these issues into critical issues and recommended fixes. This will also include information on whether the code is overly complex, has been poorly commented, and any other problems.


In the final part of the code review portion of our project rescue service, we list all our recommendations for fixes and improvements, along with an explanation of each. We also recommend a sequence for these changes to be implemented and estimate how long the project will take to complete.

Work With Sentia Today

We provide a quick analysis to determine project challenges and then determine the corrective actions needed. We have experience in scaling up, building with speed, extending capability or rebuilding with scale.

We understand how prized our clients’ concepts are. They want to see their vision live and breathe with full functionality and so do we. Working to achieve well-designed projects with longevity is important to the team at Sentia. So if you have a project in need of rescue, then contact our professionals to find out how we can help you today.

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