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Sentia is a leading user experience agency in Sydney. For over 13 years, we’ve worked closely with clients to define and build user experiences across multiple platforms. We’ve partnered with startups and corporate businesses alike, to provide them with exceptional mobile applications, websites, and other web software.

Part of the design relates to user experience (UX). When building a website, mobile app, or other software, the user experience is of the utmost importance. It motivates your user and supports your business goals. Without a positive UX, your audience will quickly leave your site, and most likely not return.

At Sentia, we have the opportunity to design your world, one that will propel you forward, one that works with you, and one that can redefine your business. We’re rethinking these designs every day, finding better ways to help you meet your goals. We make it our business to redefine your world, the right way.

We design for impact

As a UX-focused company, we design, build and launch applications that put people first. We design products that will delight the audience who engage with them, and make a lasting impression on your user.

Technology has rapidly changed the way people work and play. Innovative technologies spring up every day, making it hard to stay at the forefront of your industry. With our UX designs, we can focus the minds of your users, and help them navigate your digital landscape, bringing them an experience that is responsive and rewarding.

By pivoting your product or service, or your organisation, and showing it in a different light, we drive value to your brand. Sentia’s UX design experience helps us deliver solid results to clients in Sydney and the surrounding area. We shape services that simplify the complexities of software design, making it easy for your users to access and work through your application. We craft the way in which each aspect of your software will interact with your audience, by creating touchpoints that are user-focused and driven by intuitive design.

Sentia will build and launch your digital products with an impact that will affect your audience base. By driving the process from beginning to end, we can create a solid scope, detail it all, and tackle any challenges head-on, delivering you a product that is ready for the market.

Sentia’s Design Solution

We deploy creative and business strategists, data designers, and content and visual designers on every project. These teams work together to face the challenges of an ever-changing design world. We use our design to create experiences and products that fit real users, making your applications and software user-friendly and intuitive. Our design team delivers solid results, aligning the user experience with your brand, keeping it simple, fun and dynamic.

Our designers know how to work with people's emotions, designing the experience with real connections in mind, so your audience will promote your site for you. They don’t stop there, though. They also bring in the data so you can track what your users are doing, and when they are on your site.

Learn how our UX can change your customer's online experience!

The Sentia Process

We provide a dedicated UX team to create an experience your users will thoroughly enjoy. By working with your team to get the best from the UX, our team will help you reach your goals for the software. Our client-oriented designers and developers work with you to understand your vision and the future goals of your ,business, allowing us to create applications that truly meet your needs. The following process helps get you where you need to go.

  • UI/UX audit. We start by doing a UI/UX audit (if need be), to see the current state of your website or mobile app. By acting in the UX consultant role here, we can truly get to a point where we understand your business, your current software systems, and the challenges you are facing.
  • Requirements. Once we finish with this, we talk with you about guidelines, what you’d like to see, any requirements you may have, and who your audience is. We carry out market research and observe different aspects of your business. Each client is looking for something different from their software. Some want to make an impact, some want to promote their product, and some want to make a difference in their customers’ lives. By creating requirements, we get an idea of the direction your UI design should be headed in.
  • UX design creation. Then we start working toward a user experience design. We craft a long-term user experience design for your company, and we define how we will follow through with that design. We form a high-level layout structure for your review put it in a master design creation guide.
  • UX development. Once we have your approval, we’ll use the design creation guide to ensure that our work is consistent with your website or mobile app ideas. We will use this guide to make your website intuitive. After your site goes live, we will review the design. We work with our clients to optimise their designs and update the design so it continues to be their KPIs.

Sentia Software Solutions

If you are looking for software UX design in Sydney, look no further. The Sentia team strives to understand our clients and help them learn and grow. We know that when we are building a website or mobile app, we are not just creating a software program, we are creating a future for our client, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Our clients rely on their websites and mobile applications to attract prospects, retain customers, and create sales. When our clients are successful, so are we.

Because of this great responsibility, we offer more than just website UX designs. UX design alone cannot meet your company goals, but a complete software solution can do just that. Our UX (user experience) teams are supported by other designers, engineers, and custom software specialists to give you a complete software package. We offer full solutions for all your web development needs, including:

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Mobile App Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • API development and integration
  • IT Consulting
  • Database Design
  • Backend Development
  • Project Rescue

We work to provide you with a complete software solution that will meet your brand goals, giving you a single source that you can trust with all your web development projects. Working with multiple contractors can be difficult, and convincing them to work together is almost impossible at times. With one single solution, you can quickly and easily accomplish all your projects, without the multiple vendor headaches.

Sentia’s team is ready to assist you with your current and future goals. Our team waiting to hear from you about your next project.

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