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By partnering with a responsive website design company like Sentia you are effectively able to get multiple sites for the price of just one. All while ensuring that your site has the web tools and content needed to grow your organisation. When you’re looking for responsive web design services in Sydney look no further than Sentia. We’re a leading responsive design company, and we can help you make sure your visitors get the same stunning design and intuitive interaction no matter the device they’re using.

What is Responsive Web Design?

In a nutshell, responsive websites are ones that can be viewed on any device without the need to zoom in and out or side scroll to see any of the content. Page widths, colours, links, text content, graphics and other media. All of it automatically adjusts to fit the size and shape of the screen it’s being viewed on.

From the largest HD monitors to a small phone screen, with responsive design, you know that current and potential customers are getting the best. A stunning website that reflects your brand and an experience that makes them want to come back again and again.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

There was a time when your mobile website design was completely separate from the desktop version of your website. With a responsive website, you eliminate the need to have multiple websites and codes to accommodate different computers, tablets and smartphones. You don’t lose resolution on a large screen because you’ve used images suited to mobile devices.

Because media scales to adapt to the screen it’s being viewed on, it looks crisp and clear no matter the device. Your brand image stays consistent across all devices because we ensure that every page of your website displays and operates as it should on every screen, every time. Better graphics, improved accessibility, and a mobile-first strategy means your website becomes an effective marketing tool for your company.

Mobile accounts for approximately half of all web traffic worldwide, and has since 2017. Whether this will grow as mobile devices become increasingly capable is unclear, but Google has decided that websites with responsive designs rank higher than those without in their search results. And as 75% of web users don’t go past the first page of results, this makes mobile-first website designs an essential part of an effective SEO strategy.

What Responsive Mobile Website Design Looks Like

Condensed Content

When designing for a larger desktop screen it makes perfect sense to add all sorts of elements and tons of content to fill up all that space. But when someone is viewing your site on a tablet or a smartphone that usually translates into endless scrolling. And while people have become accustomed to this on mobile devices, they’re not fond of it.

So we strategically compact the information on your responsive website depending on the device your visitor is using. This could include things like your filters using conditional logic to keep them as compact as possible, links showing an excerpt or summary of the page it leads to as a hover effect rather than below it and more.

Latest Technology

From developments in the back-end coding for your specific CMS system, to evolving best practices in user experience, staying ahead of all the advances in desktop and mobile web design can be a never-ending task. Just when you think you have it figured out, everything changes. But as an experienced mobile web design company, this is what we do. And we do it well.

We employ the latest practices and cutting edge tech to build responsive websites that are beautiful and fully functional. This includes using the most versatile and refined programming languages and environments available. Because of this, we can use dynamic content that is responsive to your visitors, offering them an experience customised to suit their device.

SEO Friendly Website Design

Using a professional web design company that offers a fully functional desktop and mobile web design that is responsive to every device offers a range of benefits. One of them is that we build websites that load faster, require very little maintenance, offer higher conversion rates and integrate the best SEO practices at every level.

Responsive and mobile web design go hand in hand with SEO in your broader digital marketing strategy. With around half of your visitors viewing your website on mobile devices, it makes sense to ensure your website is versatile enough to cater to them. No matter when they visit, how they get to your site, or what device they’re using when they do, you need to be there for them.

Simplified Marketing Strategies

When you have a single responsive website instead of separate mobile and desktop ones, you can have a single content creation strategy for both. This means you’re able to achieve cohesive vision across all platforms, thereby reinforcing your brand identity. By improving your brand recognition across platforms, you are also improving your conversion rates and therefore your overall ROI.

And with most analytics tools now catering for responsive websites, it makes it easier to gather and analyse the data from your website. From where your web traffic most often arrives from, how visitors interact with your site and how long they stay on it – you are able to understand what parts of your digital marketing strategy are working and adjust your SEO tactics accordingly.

Lower Overall Costs

Your website forms the core of your digital marketing strategy. No matter how many parts make up the entire strategy, all of them lead back to your website. By having a single responsive website instead of separate mobile and desktop ones, you’re not only reducing the initial cost of building your website, you are making it more effective in the long term.

From social media marketing to PPC advertising, at every level of your digital marketing strategy, you only need to develop content and focus on a single website. And at the end of the day, this means that all of your marketing costs are reduced.

Work With Sentia Today

Sentia is at the forefront of premium custom website design. We pride ourselves on tailoring every solution to suit the business needs of each individual customer. We know how important it is to combine responsive custom web design with your overall vision. After all, you want to ensure that you are enhancing your company presence every time a potential customer visits your website.

Our web design experts translate your thoughts and ideas into striking and unique visual concepts that will astound your visitors and deliver that wow factor you were after while maintaining the functionality of your site across platforms. Because that is the very core of responsive mobile web design.

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