The world's first peer-to-peer property marketplace that holds your portfolio in one central location.

Soho provides property owners the ability to buy, sell, rent and manage properties in a single app, creating new technology and disrupting the property sector.

When Jonathan Lui, Co-Founder of Airtasker, came up with his next startup idea, he needed a proven development house that he could work with to make his idea reality.

Sentia has a proven history of delivery and combined with their history with Airtasker, Jonathan returned to a team he could trust, getting Sentia back on board again.

Sentia built this app across Android and iOS. The challenge here was managing the number of steps and screens required to make functionality smooth and user friendly. Sentia formulated, designed and built a successful solution incorporating these challenges.

Visit Soho Property Marketplace: Sentia's Real Estate App Website

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