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Sentia are web development experts based in the heart of Sydney. Our team consists of web designers, web developers and IT specialists that deliver state of the art web-based development services designed to meet your every requirement. We have the focus, dedication and expertise required to transform the vision of your business objectives into a fully functional web solution.

If you’re looking for any web development services in Sydney, our team of highly qualified and fully certified web dev experts have the skills you’re looking for. We will help your company gain a competitive advantage by using innovative technology in a way that supports productivity and efficiency.

We provide you with well-rounded expertise in developing high-quality client applications. The tools in our web development arsenal include:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • JavaScript
  • HTML design/development
  • database usage/support and
  • database-driven applications using MySQL and SQL Server installations.


What’s The Difference Between Web Design and Website Development?


By using Google Analytics to do a little keyword research we can see that businesses search for both web development companies and web design companies, and they’re often looking for the exact same thing: A company that will help them build a website. Compounding the confusion, companies who offer one or the other service have started using both terms to describe what they do.

This means that the two terms have become almost synonymous in recent years. However, web design and web development actually refer to two completely different things. And each requires a completely unique set of skills. This is why it is so important to understand the difference between the two.

Sentia is a web development company that also offers web design services. So if you are looking for a company to help you build a fully responsive website then we’re an ideal choice. Our web design team uses design suites such as Adobe to create the basic layout and other visual elements of your website. During this step, they keep in mind the client’s objective for their website, and from this develop an Information Architecture (IA).

This IA sets the hierarchy of the website's information and guides the entire design process. From there, they will start creating wireframes or a very basic layout, and only then move onto the actual design stage. Designing the visual layout is not an easy task, and web designers will often use basic design principles to achieve stunning layouts that also offer a first-class user experience.

Once the final design has been completed and signed off on by the customer, they will hand everything over to the web development team. What they’re getting is essentially a screenshot of a website. There are no buttons to click on, no menus to open, no scrolling banners and no videos to play.

The web development uses this, along with all the separate pieces provided by the web design team, to build the final website. Where there is a picture of a CTA, they will build a clickable button. Where there is an image with a note saying “this must scroll”, they will use the images they’ve been given to create a slideshow.

During every step of the design and the development phases of a website, the two teams will work closely with each other. The design team may want to know if a certain visual element they would like to include is possible with coding, and the web development team may need the design team to provide a visual element that they will then manipulate using code.


So What Is Web Development?


Web development can range from building the simplest single static page of text, to developing the most complex web-based application you can imagine. The list of things a web development company like Sentia can do can include things like web engineering, client/server-side scripting, web design, e-commerce development, web content development, client liaison, and web server and network security configuration among others.

When talking to a web professional, website developers usually refer to the people who handle the main non-design aspect of building a website. In other words, they’re usually referring to the people who handle writing markup and coding. In recent times web development has often come to mean creating content management systems (CMS). They may be made from scratch, be proprietary, or be based on open-source building blocks.

You can think of a CMS as the middleman between the databases where all your website information is stored and yourself, and is usually accessed via your browser. One of the huge benefits of a CMS is that it allows people who aren’t web developers to make changes to their website without having any technical knowledge. A well-known example of a CMS is WordPress.

There are essentially three main kinds of developers. These are front end developers, back end developers and full-stack developers. Front end developers usually handle the layout and visual aspects of a website – or how it looks. Back end developers usually deal with the behind the scenes functionality of a website – or how it acts. And full stack developers are those who handle both front end or client-side software programming and server-side or back end software programming.

The team of experts at Sentia offer both responsive website design and custom web development services. This means that we can not only design and build a stunning website that serves as the core of your marketing strategy and helps your business to grow by increasing user engagement and conversions, but build the CMS too.

This CMS is what helps you to manage your website on a day to day basis, design and integrate the API’s that turn your website into a powerful tool for your business, and design and build the custom web applications that make your unique services more accessible to your clients. What's more, it will improve the efficiency and productivity of your team and allow you to expand your offerings as your business grows.


What Our Web Development Process Looks Like


Whether you are looking to build a fully responsive website or develop a custom web-based application, the processes are essentially the same.

Step 1: We meet with you, the client and establish the general specifications of your project.

Step 2: We create a quote based on this initial meeting. The quote is often very specific and may include some elements that you aren’t looking for or were not aware you required.

Step 3: Decide on the final specifications for the project. This step may involve a lot of back and forth as we discuss exactly what you need and want for your website, application or database.

Step 4: Web design team and web development team work together to create the wireframe snapshot of the final product. This is then sent to you to get your comments

Step 5: Based on your comments, we will make any changes required. Steps 4 and five are repeated until you’re happy with the initial design.

Step 6: The design team starts working on all the visual aspects of the website or application.

Step 7: The web development team starts building the back end structures for the project. These two steps can be happening at the same time as the wireframe can act as a guide for the development team. The development team can also be writing the code for the visual elements as the designers work on them.

Step 8: The design team sends the final design to you for approval. This step may once again involve some back and forth as you make decisions about colours, specific images and other small details.

Step 9: Once you’ve approved the final design and layout for your project, it is sent to the web development team again. They create the functional part of the code that makes all those visual elements look and behave as they are meant to.

Step 10: The first draft of the final project is sent to you for approval. If there is anything you’re not perfectly happy with, there may be some more back and forth.

Final Step: You approve and sign off on your project and it goes live.


Work With Sentia Today


Our range of web development services are designed to save you money and time in the long run. By offering complete transparency at every step and using only the best technology and environments to develop and design every aspect of your project we reduce your ongoing costs. By thoroughly testing everything we create, and always building with scalability and the future in mind, we make further development simple and help you retain that competitive advantage.

So if you’re looking for a Sydney based web development company that is considered the benchmark when it comes to designing and developing then contact us today. We can handle everything from custom API’s to fully functioning web-based applications. When you work with us, we can assure you that you will never be disappointed with the level of service our fully certified and experienced team of experts provide.

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