Agile Web Development with Rails

Working in short, adaptive development cycles to give a project every chance of success

    Rails swept to world-wide attention in 2005. Since then, it has become a serious and popular alternative to traditional Web Development environments such as Java and .NET. Why? Because Rails provides developers and clients with the best of both worlds.

    Agile development is all about encompassing an approach that’s collaborative, flexible and adaptive. From a technology perspective the world changes regularly and software teams no longer have years to bring new products to market. In short spaces of time competitor offerings or customer expectations can change, and a project risks irrelevance. Agile minimizes this risk by helping teams to collaborate together more and encouraging more frequent feedback loops so that they can adapt to change quickly.

    We use the most appropriate method of agile development to suit your project needs. Sentia is a leader in Agile Web Development with Rails with a proven track record of delivering high quality projects time and time again for many clients in Sydney and Australia wide.

    Example projects

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