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We work with clients of any size, from fresh startups to international businesses.

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Custom software development services that transform the way you do business.

At Sentia, we know that introducing new software to your employees and customers is never an easy task. We also know that updating your software is one of the best things you can do to help your company stay relevant in your industry. We design and develop web and mobile solutions that will help your business flourish.

Our expertise in the software development field provides peace of mind for our customers, as they know they will get quality software solutions from a knowledgeable development team.

Whether your business is looking to create a new website experience, develop a mobile app, or integrate your systems, or you’re just looking for a consultant, we’ve got you covered. Our full range of software development solutions can turn your concepts and ideas into a reality that will grow your business and establish your brand.

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Icn web


Sentia develops engaging, interactive, web experience for increased productivity and improved customer service creating the ultimate brand experience. Ask us about the difference between web development and responsive web development.
Icn mobile


We deliver user-friendly native app development across multiple platforms. Build your brand, engage your customers, and stay at the fingertips of your audience with our effective mobile app designs and development.
Icn design


Expert designers create a user interface that will pull in your audience. The custom user experience will keep them coming back to your app or website for more. Be the one that stands out with the web experiences you create.

Trusted Software Development Company since 2006.

Designing apps for people we believe in.

We consistently engage in unique and effective designs for your web project. We believe in creativity and we are always looking to improve our development design.

We design our websites and mobile apps to solve your problems. From the small details to the bigger picture, we keep it simple, yet effective. We believe in our customers and their businesses, and we believe in giving them the best software solutions.

Proven processes for over 18 years.

We work for you by working with you.

Amazing solutions come from collaboration and teamwork.

We have a track record of over 18 years and we specialise in Ruby on Rails, iOS & Android development. We'll use other technologies when it makes sense for your project. For us, it's all about using the right tool for the job.

Family-first culture

Sentia values our employees, which is why we put their families first. We understand that a work/life balance leads to more productive employees in the office, and that is why we have created an environment in which work, play, and family, truly intersect.

Work smart to work fast

Sentia’s team works hard to stay up to date on all the latest technology. We use these latest technologies to build your web software in the smartest, most efficient way we can. This keeps us with your budget and keeps us sticking to the timelines.

Transparency and honesty

We have nothing to hide. Our work ethic, attitude, and culture dictate that we share every step of the project with you, so you know what’s happening with your software. We develop practical software, without the extra fluff. You’ll see it in our work. With Sentia, what you see is what you get.

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