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The quickest way to resonate with your customers and prospects is through outstanding user experience, starting with the user interface. The user interface (UI) is the first part of the app your user sees and it can easily turn a user away if it isn’t eye-catching and creative.

The user interface of your website or mobile application is key to its overall look and feel. The UI design says everything about your brand, who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and what your company is all about. This design has to be a masterpiece to catch and keep your audience.

Together with the user experience, the user interface walks your audience through the maze of your website or mobile app. At Sentia, we create the interface to support your business goals and objectives, while drawing in your audience and peaking their interests.

Sentia is a leading UI design company in Sydney, creating designs for clients for over 13 years. We dig deep to provide real-life solutions that are intuitive and user-friendly for your customers.

Why is the User Interface so Important?

The UI is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, and your users will keep on returning to this point when they click into your mobile application or your website. Knowledgeable UI companies know that linking UI with the user experience (UX) is crucial to achieving an engaging platform, as these elements work together to deliver a seamless experience for your audience. The UI design must complement the UX design, creating a harmonious system that your audience will connect with and enjoy.

A less user-friendly design distracts your audience, making it difficult for users to achieve their aims when they use your site. It forces your audience to focus on the issues with your website or mobile app, and creates confusion and difficulty for the user. By implementing a user-friendly, visually-appealing UI, you are putting the focus in the right place -- right at the heart of your company.

Sentia UI Design

We’ve invested heavily in our UI design team and in our capabilities. We want to provide our clients with an end-to-end program, and the user interface design is critical to this. At Sentia, we take the time to focus on each design, striving to reach your goals and your objectives. Every project we take on becomes a project we value, and so we treat each job like it was our own company project. Our designs are:

  • User-friendly. We strive to simplify complex programs, making it more likely that users will choose your website or mobile application. This also increases the length of time people stay on your site, optimising the rate of conversion.
  • Visually interactive. We create designs that will engage your audience, bringing them closer to you as a company. We enhance the user interface so your users will want to click on the links provided, taking them deeper into your site.
  • Created for clickability. Continuing on from the visual side of the interaction, our UI designs have links that take your customers deeper into your site, keeping your company front and centre in the minds of your audience for longer.
  • Empowering. Our designs empower your audience, giving them control of their destiny. These designs also empower you to set strategic paths to guide your audience's destiny. By giving your customers control of their path, they will stick around and browse through your site, creating a bond with your company.
  • Useful. If a site isn’t useful to an audience, the audience won’t stay. While your site needs to be visually appealing, it also needs to provide useful information about your company. Without this, your audience will move on to your competitors.

Learn how the user interface affects your audience!

Sentia UI process

At Sentia, we‘ve created a process that will bring your UI design to life quickly. By following this simple, yet effective process, we are able to bring your UI from its current state to its optimised future state in the shortest possible time.

  • UI/UX audit. We start by doing a UI/UX audit (if need be), to see the current state of your website or mobile app. If we are creating a new site, we can look at your old site to guide this step.
  • Requirements. Once we finish with this, we talk with you about guidelines, what you’d like to see, any requirements you may have, and who your audience is. This helps us get an idea of the direction your UI design should be headed.
  • Visual design creation. Then we start working toward a design. We look at colour palettes, fonts, patterns, layouts, and visual prompting queues. We form a high-level layout structure for your review and get it all laid out in a master design creation guide.
  • UI development. Once we have your approval, we’ll use the design creation guide to ensure that our work is consistent with your website or mobile app ideas. We will use this guide to make your website intuitive, functional, and engaging.

Sentia Solutions

Sentia is a leading UI design company in Sydney. We strive to understand our clients and help them learn and grow. We know that, when we are building a website or mobile app, we are not just creating a software program, we are creating a future for our client, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Our clients rely on their websites and mobile applications to attract prospects, retain customers, and create sales. When our clients are successful, so are we.

Because of this great responsibility, we offer more than just website UI designs. A UI design alone cannot support your company goals, but a full product can. We offer full solutions for all your web development needs, including:

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Mobile App Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • API development and integration
  • IT Consulting
  • Database Design
  • Backend Development
  • Project Rescue

We work to provide you with multiple solutions, giving you a single source that you can trust with all your web development projects. Working with multiple contractors can be difficult, and trying to get them to work together is sometimes almost impossible. With a single solution, you can quickly and easily accomplish all your projects, without the headache.

Sentia’s team is ready to assist you with your current and future goals. Our team waiting to hear from you about your next project.

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