One Big Switch uses the power of group switching to help consumers pay less for their regular household bills, in a quick, easy and obligation-free way.

One Big Switch has a business model where a group discount is offered to subscribers, encouraging them to sign up for migration to different electricity, gas, solar or phone providers. Once enough people have registered, the discount is activated and the user migrates to the new provider.

One Big Switch became very popular very quickly not only because of the media hype surrounding this great offering, but also because of an easy to use web application which caters to all levels of online user.

Sentia built an intuitive sign up process that was paired with a campaign generator. This campaign generator allowed One Big Switch to easily customise new campaigns to alert subscribers of new discounts via alerts, SMS and email.

One Big Switch saw global success and has millions of subscribers.

Visit One Big Switch: Sentia's Web Application Development  Website

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