Mobile App Development: ACT Companion

ACT Companion features over 25 powerful mindfulness exercises and tools designed to help you get present, open up, and engage in a richer, more meaningful life.

Sentia’s task was to develop a user experience and mobile application that complemented Psychologists’ work to aid in the treatment of their patients. The app facilitates 7 categories of issues that patients are dealing with, such as stress or anxiety, and allows patients to manage and log how they are dealing with their issues.

ACT companion has audio tools for meditation, animations and the ability to upload feelings and rate levels of anxiety or emotion. At the time this app launched there were restrictions with Apple in terms of audio file size and integration of media players. Sentia embraced these challenges, as they do with all projects, and found solutions to the limitations.

Visit ACT Companion App: Sentia's Mobile App Development  Website

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