iPhone game in the works

21 Aug 2012, by Michael Cindrić

We have been throwing around a few ideas and have come up with what we think is a great game concept for the iOS platform. Initially it will be available on the iPhone and just be a proof of concept to start with.

I cant really say much more then that other then we are developing the iPhone app with Ruby Motion and it will communicate with the web application which will be built using Ruby on Rails. Of course as here at Sentia we use Ruby on Rails on a daily basis for our client projects some of which include Airtasker.

The choice to use ruby motion was easy. We have extensive experience in building iOS applications for iPhone and iPad and with our passion for ruby mixing the two seems like a great choice.

We will be posting our experience with ruby motion in the coming weeks as development continues on the iPhone application and also some of our tips and tricks when building your own web application in ruby on rails to manage your iOS application.

Image Credit: Malte Fleuter on Unsplash

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