Learning Ruby On Rails

9 Apr 2010, by Michael Cindrić

Hey spoken to a few developers mainly UNI grads who are looking to get into rails and they often ask whats the best way to do so. So l thought l would put together a list of resources they can use to get up to speed.

If anyone else knows of some other ones please let me know

== General Practices ==
Dev on a Mac
Read up on TDD (Test Driven Development)
Use Growl for your Autotest notifications
TextMate - The only Editor you need
GitHub - Great space to see open source code and gems and plugins

== Rails Setup ==

http://hivelogic.com/ - Has some great tutorials on getting your environment setup on a mac.

== Tutorials ==
Rails Casts - Ryan Bates screen casts about all things rails related
PeepCode - Great screen casts about all things rails related

== Blogs ==

Sentia Blog

== Books ==
http://pragmaticstudio.com - Great source of books about rails and other technologies with a focus on the right practices.

Finally the only real way to learn is to try things out. Follow other developers blogs and use all the resources you can such as Google groups etc.
Don't be scared to get it wrong its the only way to learn.

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