Sublime Text 2 the next text editor in your toolbox

3 Aug 2011, by Michael Cindrić

So i have decided to try out Sublime Text 2. Now l have been a Textmate user for a number of years now but the speed in which you can find files and the way it handles large files such as log files or csv's for example has always been an issue and one of the guys here at Sentia suggested l try Sublime as he is also in the process of giving it a go as well.

So there is a Beta 2 out now which l promptly downloaded and fire it up. Now l have to say that its fantastic. Its super fast and easy to use. Sure its missing some of the little things that Textmate has that makes life easy such as the rails bundles etc but you can actually download and install ported bundles from textmate that users have ported across.

The UI is clean and simple to use and the fact that you can change almost every setting in the app and also with the full screen feature its hard to beat.

The search is the best feature hands down. Its super fast and simple to use and you never get caught again hitting apple + T and find out later that you have typed some of your search letters into a random ruby file you had open at the time.

Here are some screen shots of how clean the UI is in full screen mode and the search tool

[gallery link="file"]

p.s One thing that you will be missing is the

mate .

Command but not to worry simply add the following

alias sub='open -a "/Applications/Sublime Text"'

to your .bashrc or .profile file and you can open projects the same you would have in textmate in sublime but with the following command

sub .

Also worth the license is cross platform so no more buying multiple licenses.

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