What Click Frenzy did wrong

20 Nov 2012, by Michael Cindrić

I have never really been one to comment on other peoples work but there are a few things l need to get off my chest relating to development.

Now l am not saying l get it right all the time every time hell no we all make mistakes. But there have been a few obvious ones made with the launch of the new deals site "Click Frenzy". Now l was like everyone else and registered to see what its all about and a few things poped out at me that really l would have thought would have been addressed but there is one that l hate and well this should be a standard on the web

  1. WWW Redirect. Go to your browser and type in clickfrenzy.com.au without the www and see what happens, ill give you a hint nothing.

The server was not setup to redirect to www.clickfrenzy.com.au or at least point to site. Now its a good practice l am told by the company behind our SEO Web Marketers Crew that your site should really work of either www or no www i.e should redirect to one of them from the other if need be for SEO reasons. You can read this google article here for more info on doing this.

So yes this is my pet hate and l cant stand sites that dont do this as l dont type the www as l see it as pointless but hey thats just one mans opinion on the matter

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