Why Sentia gives obligation free estimates and why you should get one

12 Nov 2018, by Tom Connelly

In today’s technology driven world an app or user friendly web interface is mandatory in making sure your business is competitive and current.

However, getting into this world of builds can be overwhelming and complicated. A simple idea or execution often has numerous moving parts in the background and the ultimate front end is pared back and simplified to ensure the best user experience possible.

At Sentia we will provide any established business, startup or tech newcomer with an obligation free quote to effectively cost a 1.0 version of your build.

Why do we provide obligation free quotes?

We do this because we love making great apps and web experiences and want to help you create the best possible experience for your users.

We also want to ensure that your build has the features it requires for an initial launch. Many businesses launch apps and web projects with features and functionalities that aren’t required at phase 1 or are simply too expensive for that first iteration. We help identify the simplest and cheapest feature sets to get your vision off the ground in the form of an MVP (Minimum Viable product - read more about how we develop MVPs here - http://www.sentia.com.au/blog/why-it-s-so-important-to-simplify-and-go-for-an-initial-mvp-build).

How we provide obligation free quotes?

After an initial chat and review we use our years of experience to help translate your vision into a 1.0 release. We understand what your must have requirements are and your nice to have. This helps to isolate features that are necessary and minimise costs.
We then set estimated costs against the most required tasks which we classify against user types such as end user, administrator, and any other profiles that use the build. These tasks consider costs against features, functionality, design, development, project management and any associated server costs.
We do also include estimates for features which we think are optional at the initial stages.

How long does it take to receive an estimate?

A quote typically takes 3 to 5 business days to generate a quote against the requirements we have been provided.

Next steps

An obligation free estimate is free.
We encourage you to get in touch via our contact page or give us a call on (02) 8003 5216


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Image sourced from Dose Media on Unsplash

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