Why we use Ruby on Rails for our Web Development Projects

3 Jul 2013, by Michael Cindrić

 Choosing Ruby on Rails for Web Projects

At Sentia our technology of choice for all our clients' Web Development projects is Ruby on Rails. This is because Ruby on Rails has many advantages over other development frameworks such as PHP or ASP.Net. Some of the benefits that Ruby on Rails offers:

  • Speed of development
  • Lower cost of change
  • Greater community support
  • Lower cost of development

Rails offers a huge amount of advantages to customers most important one being cost. Using Ruby on Rails as the technology of choice allows the developers to focus their time on building the business logic rather then the basic components of a application. This is something Rails achieves in seconds as opposed to other technologies.

So if you have a web application that you need developed get in touch with us and we can show you the benefits of using Ruby on Rails for your technology platform.

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