Why you should use a development company for your next project

21 Feb 2017, by Michael Cindrić

Benefits of engaging a development company for your project

With the array of DIY development options in the market, many businesses think it’s a good idea to commence projects with their own steam and management skills.

Regretfully for many, it is in actuality a bad idea.

Development processes when done correctly, reveal chinks in strategy, weaknesses in concepts and provide more conducive ways to facilitate ongoing improvements.

The following areas provide the right fail-safes to ensure app or web development is kept on the right path to success:

Development consulting

Without properly fleshing out ideation, strategy, scope, integration planning, security requirements, ongoing maintenance plans and the road-map, for example, development can be prone to many issues that leave many projects stilted.

One industry tale tells the story of a keen company innovator who boldly attempted to hire a freelancer in India and left his company with an app that served only one type of customer and without the ability for updates.

It is important to not only ensure that the right initial scoping mechanisms are in place but that process and development cycles are properly followed. There are methodologies that a development consultancy will bring to the table that ensure the rights protections and plans are in place to continue towards success.

Strength in expertise

Solid development teams are another key component to successful app and website projects. Having access to a wide variety of specialisations that can bring the best to each project is a wise choice in development strategy.

Another example is of a former client who hit a wall in app development. Their hired freelancer could not sufficiently bring to fruition the app concept. Flaws in back end and front end led to a lot of wasted time and the need to engage skilled professionals who could confidently handle the problems present in the existing app design. Happy to say, frowns have now been turned upside down with the engagement of a fully competent development team.

To rub salt in the wound, this problem was further compounded with ineffective and undisciplined use of project management tools. There was a lack of communication that failed to present transparency on the project in a timely and informative fashion. Ongoing frustrations broke trust and generated friction on the project which spearheaded the project’s demise.

This is something to be mindful of. Yes the tools publicly exist for anyone to claim they can do what you need, however a one man band is often lacking and it’s worth engaging a well-practiced team.

Large exposure to a cross section of problem solving skills, techniques and solutions

Ongoing exposure to concurrent projects means that development teams are always on the ball, having accessible solutions to problems which are most likely unknowns from your perspective. It also means that problems are handled much faster because of your development team’s ability to apply the right techniques to get the best solution for any given scenario.

Problems undoubtedly come up and it’s wiser to have the right people in place to handle them efficiently in order to keep projects on time and within scope.

Leaving you time to do what you do best

Lastly and most importantly, handing things over to the experts to leave you in your own core role means you can trust in your development team and their core area of focus. This leaves you to spend more time on what you do best and oversee that the development of your project is where it needs to be.


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