Getting JQuery and Prototype to place nice

by Michael Cindrić
29 May 2009

If you want to use JQuery in your rails application but still want prototype working as well there is a simple way to make sure they play nice and work side by side. All you have to do after you include your JQuery includes code is have the following

   var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

Now all you have to do to use jquery is use "$j" instead of just "$"... continue

We have just made a project on github to store our rails application templates that we talked about here. You can check it out here. Enjoy


Application templates in Ruby on Rails

by Michael Cindrić
8 May 2009

Here is the latest application template we have put together. It removes all the usual items and adds the base gems that we use for all our applications. It also creates the files needed for deployment and runs "Capify" on the project, plus a few other things such as sass etc.

# Remove unnecessary Rails files
run 'rm README'
run 'rm public/index.html'
run 'rm public/favicon.ico'
...<a href=""> continue</a>


Rails Junior Developer

by Michael Cindrić
26 Apr 2009


Sentia is looking for a Junior Rails developer to join our team. You will be working out of our office on George Street in the heart of the Sydney CBD. You will have access to the latest technology and resources not to mention our foos ball table.

You will be working ... continue


We have moved

by Michael Cindrić
17 Apr 2009

Finally we have the keys to the new office, if only telstra had got their act together we would have our phone connected as well. Ill post some pics once we are settled a little more

We all want our charts to look like the ones in google analytics. Well know there is a way the "Open Flash Chart" project. The guys over at pull monkey have released a plugin for rails that helps you get in these great charts. Ill be testing this plugin very soon and ill put up my experience and a little walk through. In the mean time if you want to check out... continue


Using Javascript Code for RJS Instead of IDs

by Michael Cindrić
29 Mar 2009

UPDATE: JavascriptGenerator has a method name literal that will do the exact same thing, so the code below should do the trick:

 page.insert_html :bottom, page.literal("$$('p.welcome b').first()"), "Some item" 

Bill Burhcam over at Meme Rocket made a post that *almost... continue


Ruby on Rails 2.3 Searchable API Doc

by Michael Cindrić
18 Mar 2009

A developer by the name of Vladimir Kolesnikov has put together a nice little searchable API doc for rails. Its been updated for rails 2.3.2 (Latest Version) and you can either download it or browse online. Currently its been tested with Safari 4, Firefox 3, Opera 9.5 Internet Explorer is currently unsupported but who uses IE anyways.

You can download it ... continue


Ajax.Updater and javascript

by Michael Cindrić
17 Mar 2009

Ran into a little problem today which made me think for a second. I have a Javascript function that runs once a calendar control is closed. It just passes a parameter to a action which renders a view nothing fancy.

So my onClose function looks like so

function onClose(cal) {
    var p = cal.params;
    new Ajax.Updater('overlapping', '/visits/new', {
      parameters: { start_date:<a href=""> continue</a>


Rails 2.3 is out

by Michael Cindrić
17 Mar 2009

Finally Rails 2.3 is out. Officially its tagged as 2.3.2 from memory. So what are you waiting for update already. Just run the following command in your terminal and your on your way. Sorry windows users find your own way

 sudo gem install rails

Check out the release notes here