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At Sentia we help entrepreneurs filter their ideas into viable products and then bring those web and mobile products to market quickly.

Whatever your financial, if we think we have a value to the project and that the framework of our values, we will offer to share the risks and help you achieve and deliver the project to make it a success.

some successful startups

Sentia developed Airtasker Startup


UI Design, Web & Mobile Development
Sentia developed One Big Switch Startup

One Big Switch

UI Design, Web Development
Sentia developed Shippit Startup


UI Design, Web & Mobile Development
Sentia developed RANGEme Startup


UI Design, Web Development

frequently asked questions

Sentia’s understanding of all areas is intimate and practical. With real life experience, a hand’s on approach is what we needed and what we received. Sentia’s knowledge of development tools to assist the development process is also comprehensive and up to date

Good question and not a simple one to answer. Sentia will review your project brief and provide you with a detailed estimate free of charge at competitive market rates.

Once your project is live there are two possible next steps. One is to go into support and maintenance phase which Sentia can manage and the other is to continue develop while also supporting your current version. Sentia provides support services in 3 simple options that can be tailored to your needs.

Yes we can. This dosen't mean Sentia wont draw on our experience and provide our guidance and expertise to get the most out of your project.

Yes we do. Sentia can provide a mutual NDA (Non-Discloser Agreement) that protects your and Sentia's IP.