Using Buildkite for CI/CD on Android

For the past few weeks I have been trying out Buildkite, specifically for Android. There are not many resources on the web on how to do this, so hopefully this will be of some use to some Android developers out there. I will be discussing the pros and cons of using Buildkite, and will show a sample build script for Android.

Why Buildkite?

First ... continue

The year of 2018, what an incredible year of growth and success.

Now that 2018 is done and dusted, I thought it would be a good chance to take a moment to reflect and look back at the awesome things that we have achieved in the last 12 months at Sentia. This is the best way for... continue

Before we dive into data transformation and migration, it is useful to know what Petl is and how to do a quick installation. Petl can be identified as a Python package for extracting, transforming and loading data.

Please follow the links below for official documentation and source code for further knowledge.

The upper limit

Ruby on Rails is slow. When the full-stack framework offers you an all-in-one solution the weaknesses exist, especially the incoming payloads that are continuously slapping you in the face. On most occasions, we just need to optimize our database or move the storage processes into queue system (for example, sidekiq), until we have tried everything to boost the performanc... continue

I made my decision to try Flutter last December after I saw the demo App "The History of Everything" at watching the Flutter 1.0 released video on YouTube, the animation was amazing, I am so touched.

As an Android App developer with several years of experience, I am most interested in two questions:

The Subtle Art of Debugging

by Harry Lee
21 Jan 2019

We are human and we make mistakes. A software developer’s biggest enemy is error, a.k.a bugs. No one wants to make bugs, but it is inevitable. If someone writes code quickly; or if someone writes well-structured code, does that mean they are a good developer? To be good, you need to know how to debug your code or someone else's code.

So if we can't avoid creating bugs, what should we do?
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A user belongs to a company. WRONG!

by Federico Tagliabue
7 Jan 2019


It is common in many projects that a user registers as part of a company, account, store, football team .. really whichever group of people doing something together.

The initial project brief

  • A user needs to be able to login
  • A user needs to be able to perform some operation as part of a company

This seems pretty easy, so... continue

So, it’s Friday, you’ve been developing features all week, hotfixing resolutions to bugs and updating your project managers using long words (3 syllables or more) to make your hotfixes sound more awesome than they really are. You’re winning, have been all week and life is great.

5pm hits, you’re winding down for the week and positioning yourself for a positive start to the next, when, like a... continue

Many options exist to work with design teams on development projects. At Sentia we think the best way is to use our cohesive dev-design team. Being a solid combined team with established relationships and years of experience on many projects, our team works together to seamlessly integrate your build's needs.

We opt for such a model because a project progresses and evolves from pro... continue

Depending on how complex a web application might get, making use of good state driven development will help with records that require transitions. And, instead of using booleans we ... continue