Gotcha when deploying to heroku with a forked gem

22 May 2015
by Michael Cindric

So we were deploying to heroku and we have a gem as part of project thats forked from original and heroku didnt like it at all and we got an error like so ```bash Removing .DS_Store files remo...continue

Ediff For The Brainically Challenged

22 Mar 2015
by Sia Sajjadi

They tried to teach me lots of things at Uni. If I hold my breath and squeeze really hard I'll remember how each component in an MRI machine works. Or why cells are freaking amazing. If we were bei...continue

Rails Engines, Rspec, Zeus and Guard - Part 1

11 Mar 2015
by Sia Sajjadi

Last week we started work on a project and it made more sense to build it as a rails engine, it takes a bit of configuration. So here are the steps you can take to build a new rails 4 engine that d...continue

RANGEme WINS Smart Company best website award!

15 Dec 2014
by Michael Cindric

RANGEme has won the Smart Company best website award for (under 20 employees).

Sentia has worked with RANGEme from the beginning and helping them design and develop their platform. continue

We are hiring. Front End Developer - AngularJs

4 Jul 2014
by Michael Cindric

We are looking for a AngularJS developer to join our team. We are based in the Sydney CBD with a great team and environment

Required skills and experience:

Building a Social App for 2014: Do you stand for privacy?

14 Apr 2014
by David Evans

Facebook has turned 10, and Twitter is almost seven years old. Despite their behemoth user bases, new social apps find space to create their own success every year. Thanks to the NSA revelations,...continue

Mobile developer @ Sentia

9 Apr 2014
by Michael Cindric

We are looking for a mobile developer to join the Sentia team.

If you think you have what it takes to become one of the team at Sentia, well, we want to know about it!

We are...continue

Reasons You Should Build an iOS App Natively

10 Feb 2014
by Michael Cindric

These days, it’s imperative that your business has a mobile presence. Without it, you’re missing out on almost 20% of...continue

8 Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development

6 Feb 2014
by Michael Cindric

It’s safe to say that Ruby on Rails is hot at the moment. But is it just a trend based on a buzzword or is it really a legitimate choice for developing web applications and websites? In this gui...continue

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Ruby on Rails for Web Development Over PHP

6 Jan 2014
by Michael Cindric

PHP or Ruby on Rails – that’s the question that’s gripped developers in recent years, though the tide is definitely turning in favour of the latter. You may be surprised, considering some major ...continue

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