It's nice to have flexible view helpers. There are 3 ways I can think of doing it:

Use A Context :D:D!!! (the gooda way)

Similar to a form builder in Rails, we can use a 'sub view' context.

module InformationCardHelper

  Context =, :heading_data, :body_data, :overlay_data) do
    def overlay(&block)
      overlay_data[:content] = h.capture(&block)
    en...<a href=""> continue</a>

Generally, you don't need to use dummy classes with rspec.

To clarify

Use doubles if you can!

The rspec mocks and stubs work well and they offer some protection against mocks/stubs becoming out of sync with the objects that they are imitating.

But some times you need a dummy class (or feel like you do anyway)

How to RSpec & Namespaced Dummy classes

First things first,... continue

We were delighted to hear the news this week that one of our clients, RangeMe, is expanding into the US market. They have recently signed up Target Corp - one of the largest retail chains in the US - to come on board the platform.

RangeMe is an online platform saving category buyers time by putting thousands of exciting products at th... continue

It's always a good thing to see Australian startups doing well, it's even better when you have been apart of that as well. In the past Sentia has been fortunate to be apart of so many wonderful and successful startups, from Airtasker, RecycleSmart, RangeMe and OneBigSwitch to our most recent one Shippit.

Shippit is as the name suggests a service that makes Shipping Simple.

<... continue

So we were deploying to heroku and we have a gem as part of project thats forked from original and heroku didnt like it at all and we got an error like so

Removing .DS_Store files
remote: -----> Ruby app detected
remote: -----> Compiling Ruby/Rails
remote: -----> Using Ruby version: ruby-2.0.0
remote: -----> Installing dependencies using 1.9.7
remote:        Running: bundle ins...<a href=""> continue</a>

Ediff For The Brainically Challenged

by Sia Sajjadi
22 Mar 2015

They tried to teach me lots of things at Uni. If I hold my breath and squeeze really hard I'll remember how each component in an MRI machine works. Or why cells are freaking amazing. If we were being really smug we could to talk about why Rousseau was fantastically brillianter than the rest of those guys. (Yes spelling, imaginary words... whatever)

But one simple thing plagued me from the mo... continue

Last week we started work on a project and it made more sense to build it as a rails engine, it takes a bit of configuration. So here are the steps you can take to build a new rails 4 engine that delegates user authentication to the host app and has a rich testing environment.

Gem versions:
| mri         | 2.1.5  |
| rails       | 4.1.8  |
| zeus        ...<a href=""> continue</a>

RANGEme has won the Smart Company best website award for (under 20 employees).

Sentia has worked with RANGEme from the beginning and helping them design and develop their platform.

We pass on our congratulations to RANGEme and look forward to working with them in the future.

For more you can read continue

We are looking for a AngularJS developer to join our team. We are based in the Sydney CBD with a great team and environment

Required skills and experience:

  • Angular.js Experience/Exposure

  • Strong JavaScript Skills

  • jQuery

  • HTML5

  • CSS3 - LESS or Sass

  • Excellent communication skills

Bonus Skills:

Facebook has turned 10, and Twitter is almost seven years old. Despite their behemoth user bases, new social apps find space to create their own success every year. Thanks to the NSA revelations, 2013 was the year that many web users woke up to their privacy situation. While privacy is clearly not yet the #1 factor (WhatsApp is not the pinnacle of privacy), it’s worth considering what your s... continue

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