PHP or Ruby on Rails – that’s the question that’s gripped developers in recent years, though the tide is definitely turning in favour of the latter. You may be surprised, considering some major websites run on PHP (such as CMS stalwarts like Drupal and Wordpress). So what’s the deal?

Ruby on Rails is superior in so many ways that we’d need to have a sit-down meeting to run through... continue

Very proud moment for the Sentia team with our client "Send a Script" taking out top honours at this years Australian Mobile Awards. Sentia developed not only the web application platform but as well as the iPhone Application and currently has the Android Application in development.

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Doccy iPad app goes live

by Michael Cindrić
19 Nov 2013

Sentia's service Doccy has had it's iPad application approved and now ready for download on the Apple iTunes Store. You can download it here

Doccy is the easiest way to create, send and share documents and now its even easier to do on the go with the Doccy iPad app.

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FitUsIn hired us to implement the eWAY payment gateway in their Ruby on Rails app at After finding out the cost of opening a merchant account, they asked us to switch from eWay to Braintree, giving us a direct comparison of the implementation experiences at this point in time. We found that the eWay implementation is more difficult than it needs to be, with Braintree havin... continue

For those not familiar with the term, a Lightbox is a javascript modal used to display previewed content front and centre.

Our Send A Script Rails App uses Lightboxes to show doctors' prescriptions sent from patients' iPhones to a pharmacy for pre-filling. These prescriptions can be continue

Finally we have launched our new site.

Our old site a was a great site built of the back of the powerful Wordpress blogging engine, only issue is customising it all the time became a pain. Don't get me wrong Wordpress was great if you build a custom theme once and never really touch it again, but is just became to much of a pain to maintain and develop on it constantly and well its... continue

PaintCode with iOS

by Robert Matesic
9 Aug 2013

At Sentia we are always keen on trying new things, and we believe that we found a new tool that is a must for any serious iOS developer. That tool is PaintCode.

PaintCode allows you to easily create vector shapes and at the same time generate the Objective-C code in real time for easy copy-paste into your project. No more creating UIBezierpaths manually.

PaintCode makes ... continue

Hello World!

I joined Sentia two weeks ago, completing a minor career change that's been a long time in the works. These are my first impressions, compared with my past life in corporate finance & IT.

1) We're surprisingly good at staying on the same page with our clients and teammates, in Sydney & abroad.
We use a range of communication tools (Trello, Basecamp, ... continue

At Sentia our technology of choice for all out client Web Development projects is Ruby on Rails.

This is because Ruby on Rails has many advantages over other development frameworks such as PHP or ASP.Net.

Some of the benefits that Ruby on Rails offers:


Html 5 or Native Mobile App

by Michael Cindrić
24 Jun 2013

A question we are offen asked is do we build apps in html 5 for cross platform or do we build apps natively.

For us the choice is simple we build native apps. Sure there are some benefits to building a html5 application but not as many as you think. We have broken down the key areas below

1. User Experience

Hands down native apps win here. Html 5 still has issues accessing ... continue