Using Concerns in Ruby on Rails Development

by Michael Cindrić
8 Feb 2013

Concerns are a great way to mix in common model behaviours and keep your code clean and not have to resort to STI.

So lets take a look at what a concern looks like. Below l have a Module called "Auditable" which extens ActiveSupport Concern.

The purpose of this is to record statistics on objects as they are created and destroyed. Now this comes in handy when you want to analyse how your custo... continue

We have been working away on a new service launching soon called Doccy. It turns all your old documents into powerful templates that you can then use to build documents in less then a minute.

We support all your favourite formats just as Word (.docx), Pages and Open Office.

Now we are expecting to launch come early jan but in the mean tim... continue


What Click Frenzy did wrong

by Michael Cindrić
20 Nov 2012

I have never really been one to comment on other peoples work but there are a few things l need to get off my chest relating to development.

Now l am not saying l get it right all the time every time hell no we all make mistakes. But there have been a few obvious ones made with the launch of the new deals site "Click Frenzy". Now l was like everyone else and registered to see what its all ab... continue

In the process of developing our little internal game using RubyMotion we ran into an issue using the pod MFSideMenu and the RubyMotion framework so we decided to write our own and here is what we came up with.

We created a Menu Manager class to handle the instan... continue


My Mortgage Kit featured on Today show

by Michael Cindrić
28 Sep 2012

My Mortgage Kit one of sentia's clients applications has recently appeared on the Today show as one of the best property apps and a must for anyone looking to buy a property.

Sentia was responsible for the design and development of the application for continue


iPhone game in the works

by Michael Cindrić
21 Aug 2012

We have been throwing around a few ideas and have come up with what we think is a great game concept for the iOS platform. Initially will be available on the iPhone to start and just be a proof of concept to start with.

I cant really say much more then that other then we are developing the iPhone app with Ruby Motion ... continue

Seems facebook have realised what alot of us have said for a while that it's best to build apps natively rather then using HTML5. Sure HTML5 has it's advantages mainly that you can reuse alot for other platforms like android, but the main drawback which is a huge one is SPEED. As the saying goes speed kill's.

For more on why facebook are moving check out the full story continue


A Retrospect

by Michael Cindrić
29 May 2012

Our belief here at Sentia is that you should always look back at things you have done in the past and say we can improve on that.

At the moment we are in the process of changing some our processes to better improve them not only for us but for our clients. Development processes is something thats always changing. There was a time when the Waterfall SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) approa... continue


Airtasker goes live

by Michael Cindrić
22 Feb 2012

Sentia's latest client project Airtasker has gone into a live beta.

Airtasker is a community marketplace where people can outsource everyday tasks and errands to friendly and reliable people.

Whatever you need done, hundreds of Airtaskers are ready to help.

So be sure to head over to continue

Recently a client of ours wanted to use the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)'s BPOINT gateway for their web application. The first thing we do is usually turn to ActiveMerchant to see if there is already a gateway class for the mercha... continue