Setting up Push Notification for iOS

by Feleti Alipate
3 Dec 2018

Push notifications seems to be an integral feature needed when developing most mobile applications today. Like all implementations of a feature into a mobile app, it can seem quite daunting at first to integrate, but once you get through it a few times you can get the hang of it!

Important foundations

There are a few things to note before starting that should help solid... continue

Creating database views with rails

by Robert Matesic
21 Nov 2018

A view is a virtual table in the database that contains data from one or more tables. They don’t store any data but rather a set of stored queries. Since views are basically tables, they can be queried against.

Say we have the following 2 tables;

has_many :driver_summaries, foreign_key: :short_user_id, primary_key: :short_user_id
create_table "driver... continue

In today’s technology driven world an app or user friendly web interface is mandatory in making sure your business is competitive and current.

However, getting into this world of builds can be overwhelming and complicated. A simple idea or execution often has numerous moving parts in the background and the ultimate front end is pared back and simplified to ensure the best user experi... continue

When a web or app build is complete the real work is beginning. Your vision is live, your target is engaging with the platform, this is where the real learning and reshaping begins through ongoing maintenance and support.

There are two potential streams of maintenance that are required. One is more urgent, where platform updates are required due to changes in the marketplace, we need t... continue

User experience (UX) research is a vital component for any web or app build. UX research is often compared to physical exercise and fitness. Everyone recognises that it’s good to do it, but many people fail to make the effort to make it happen.

Why is that?

Statistics from 2017 reveal that bad usability drives customers away. The estimate is that companies lose about $243 per cu... continue

A minimum viable product (MVP) is the least amount of features and functionality required to test a concept, validate it and then get it to market. It is the starting point to begin validated learning on what you’re proposing to put to market and helps in evaluating the risks and threats before putting an idea into real life.

This means it’s not the finished product or the razzle dazzle ... continue

An established company or startup always has two main options when building their app or web development project. They can either go in house and use their own team, or they can outsource to a professional development agency such as Sentia.
With any choice there are pros and cons to each. At Sentia we think there are many more pros than cons to going with an agency and here’s why:

... continue

How do I write a scoping document?

by Deb Wiseman
1 Aug 2018

So you finally have your great online idea. It could be an app, a web page, a development strategy and so on. Whatever it is, it seems to crystal clear in your head, and your team’s head.
Or is it?

Scoping is so important. It removes assumptions, the killer of any project, by providing a way of having key details aligned in your own, your team and the development team’s mind... continue

What makes a good development agency?

by Deb Wiseman
16 Jul 2018

We’ve all been here before. That precarious position of choosing something, anything, from the myriad of choices that surround you.
How do you zone in on what’s right for you?
How do you even know what the right set of questions are?
What are the things you should be looking for?
How do you make sure you don’t get a dud deal?

I’ve had this sense of trepidation... continue

We refer to the “how long is a piece of string” question to find an answer! So many factors unique to the app build determine its price, such as feature set, design, platform, database integration, staff and so on. The most basic of apps can range from a few thousand dollars through to the app behemoths costing a million.

Developing a roadmap

The most important things to reme... continue